I’m a multidisciplinary illustrator and animator with an emphasis on Digital Media Promotion. For a little over twenty years I’ve been living the life of a self-taught fine artist, with the know how of commercial design. I draw upon my experiences wearing many different hats, ranging from pastry chef to club DJ. Although I always attempted to rise to the top in my past career choices, I’ve always had a greater passion for art. One of my main goals is to inspire greatness in others and, in turn, find those who inspire greatness in myself. As I continue to refine my own abilities, I find motivation from communicating with others on that same wavelength of passion.


   It’s exciting to sit down with a client and interpret their thoughts into a visual medium. Art is a language and I act as an interpreter and fluent speaker. If someone has a seemingly intangible idea or thought they wish to express, I can come along and work with them to represent that thought visually.

Right now, I’m refining my 2.5D technique after gaining influence in both traditional hand drawn animation and working within software like Maya. It’s awesome to stir up different methods and create a unique, fresh feeling to animation, and that’s what I intend on doing all the way through my career.